Things You Must Know Before Going On A Dolphin Cruise

22 Apr

One exciting type of cruise that you can go on in Gold Coast, Queensland is a dolphin cruise. Dolphin cruises are exciting adventures where you can experience the magic of watching these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats. You can watch these intelligent animals jump, swim and play in the ocean and look at how friendly they are. But there are also some things you must keep in mind before going on a dolphin cruise in Australia, that includes:


1. Look For A Responsible And Green Cruise Agency


It is important that you find a cruise agency in Gold Coast that is eco-friendly and responsible and will not disturb the dolphins or disrupt their natural habitat. You must see if the tour operators are not using loud and noisy boats that can scare the dolphins and maintain a distance from the dolphins so that they do not get hurt or injured accidentally.


2. Look At The Weather Conditions Before Booking


You must also make sure you check the weather forecast in the area where you are going on a cruise. This is because rough weather and storms can make a cruise scary and unpleasant and land you in trouble.


3. Wear The Right Attire For The Cruise


Gold Coast is known for its sunny weather so it is important when you go on a dolphin cruise that you wear sunscreen and glasses and get a hat as well to protect yourself from the sun. It is also a good idea to wear sturdy shoes so that you do not slip on the boat and carry a light jacket in case it gets chilly towards the evening.


4. Take Precautions To Prevent Motion Sickness


If you are prone to motion sickness, it is important to be careful when going on a dolphin cruise in Australia. Make sure you have lots of water and eat light, non-oily and non-greasy food before the cruise and keep yourself hydrated with juices and herbal teas. You can also ask your doctor for some over-the-counter medications for motion sickness and take them as required.


5. Respect The Dolphins And Their Habitat


Even though dolphins are some of the most friendliest creatures, it is important to respect them and their habitat when you go on a cruise. You must listen to whatever instructions your tour guide is giving you and do not try to touch or feed the dolphins as this could make them anxious and scared. Try to avoid making any loud sounds or noises as this can startle the dolphins and make them retreat from that area.


6. Get Information On Dolphins And Other Marine Animals


Lastly, it is a good idea to study about dolphins and their natural habitat and learn more about these wonderful creatures. Most tour operators have naturalist guides who will tell you all about these wonderful creatures and their lifestyle. You can also ask them about other marine animals in the region and learn more about these creatures as well.



Thus, going on a dolphin cruise is fun and exciting but it is also important to make sure you take the above steps to stay safe and also not cause any harm to the dolphins in Gold Coast.

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