Catch marine life in action

Gold Coast undoubtedly has one of the most stunning and visual marine life species that range from dolphins to stingrays, turtles and whales. On our cruises, we try to arrange as many marine life adventures as we can like whale watching tours, dolphin cruises, underwater diving to watch fish in action and snorkelling so you can also see these beautiful creatures up front.

Top Attractions

Our cruises along Queensland’s shoreline has varied attractions like watching the scenic natural landscapes, catching marine life in action, going on sunset and dinner cruises and enjoying parasailing or jet ski rides.


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Highlights of cruises on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast cruising industry in Australia contributes around $4.7 million to the local economy on an annual basis which shows how popular these cruises are with locals and tourists alike.

In 2019, over 200,000 people took part in whale-watching tours along the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast has a shoreline of over 260 kilometres with cruises along Nerang River, Broadwater, and Coomera River.

Over 2 million people take part in snorkelling adventures as part of these cruises, especially along the Great Barrier Reef.

Tips to have a great cruise

Look at our expert advice on how to have the perfect cruise on the Gold Coast

Book in advance to get the best deals!

We advise you to start booking your cruise vacation at least a month in advance as we get booked up pretty fast and you can also get some good deals and discounts on our river cruises and sunset cruises.

Take precautions to avoid sunburn and motion sickness

Make sure you wear sunscreen and carry it along with you on the cruise as the Gold Coast gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year. If you have motion sickness, you should get the right medication and eat light and non-oily food.

Follow your tour guide to avoid any mishaps

Listen to the instructions of your tour guide to avoid any mishaps onboard the cruise and to make sure you do not disturb the natural marine life and habitat around you. If you are taking a whale-watching cruise, make sure you maintain your distance and let the tour guide tell you how to observe the whales in their natural habitats.

Family-friendly cruises

Partake in our family-friendly cruises that include themed cruises like pirate cruises, sightseeing cruises with fun games for the kids and musical events that cater to children as well.

Join fun themed cruises like pirates and movie themes where kids can dress up as their favourite actors.

Enjoy fun activities for the kids while sightseeing with interesting activities that are family-friendly and fun.

Take your kids on dolphin cruises where they will enjoy these beautiful creatures in action.

Let your kids run around and play on the beach when we depart on our off-shore excursions.

We also arrange games and fun activities for your kids on our cruises so they never get bored.

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