About Cruise Booking Agency Gold Coast

About Cruise Booking Agency Gold Coast

At our cruise booking agency in Gold Coast, Queensland, you will get to book the cruise of a lifetime where you will get to see dolphins in action, watch majestic whales swim by, go parasailing and kayaking and enjoy a delicious dinner out on the blue waters. Our customers support team organises everything for you from where to stay while on the cruise, post-cruise stays, flights, meal recommendations as well as shore excursions. You can book some of our fun water activities as well like diving, snorkelling, swimming and fishing and we will add it to your shore excursion so you can experience a thrilling adventure on the Gold Coast.

Get your adrenaline rush

To book one of our shore excursions, you can consult our team so that we can arrange the following as soon as possible. Alongwith the activities, you can also choose the port you want to do these excursions at and also tell us the duration and your experience level. For instance, if you want a short whale watching session of not more than 15 minutes, you can let our customer staff know and we will add it to your package. Make sure you also check out our variety of watersports like parasailing and kayaking to see if they interest you.

Why you choose this cruise agency

  • 24X 7 Customer support
  • Thrilling dolphin cruises
  • Fun water sport activities
  • Whale watching at your convenience
  • Flight and hotel booking
  • Exciting off-shore excursions

Any questions

If you have queries regarding our cruises,
you can call or mail us as our support staff is
available 24x7 and we get back to you as
soon as possible. Even if you have already booked the cruise, we can still make
changes to it as and when required as
long as you call us and tell us or drop us a
mail in advance so we can make
the required changes.

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